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Martin Properties has a diverse portfolio of investment properties including office buildings, medical and surgical centers, retail shopping centers and state of the art Self-Storage facilities as well as prime commercial and residential land parcels.

Security and Performance
Security and performance are important aspects of our business philosophy. Not all investment properties meet our tough criteria to insure our investors the maximum growth potential at a minimal risk. Our track record speaks for itself. We have repeatedly met or outperformed our expectations by the selection and “hands on” management of our investments. We are pleased with the confidence that many of our investors have shown by reinvesting with us in further projects.

A Changing Economy
As the economy changes, so does Martin Properties investment strategies. We watch the trends and economic changes to continually move with the economy for maximum yield on our investments. As we have found, even in a “tough” economy, with expertise, work and patience there are investment “gems” to be found. That is our goal at Martin Properties, to find the opportunities and cultivate them into profitable ventures.

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372 S. Eagle Rd, #395
Eagle, ID 83616

Phone: (208) 841-4700
Email: info@martinprop.com 

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